Hurricane Ike

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We lost power at 12:15 a.m. Saturday morning taking down the power lines for a block. I learned from Rita to power the Moniter II weather station with a 12vdc lawn tractor battery that will power the station for a month. Normally, it is part of an uninterruptible power system.

The eye passed close to us with a minimum pressure of 958.9mBar at 5:45 am. Total rainfall for the storm was 6.89" not including the rain we got the next day. Our station is well protected by the nearby greenbelt. The tops of the trees were experiencing 50mph+ winds but we did not get that at roof top level. While neighbors, and the power lines, had trees down, we did not have any damage. Fortunately, a cold front came through and cooled things down with 60 degree nights and 85 degree days. That makes having no a/c much more bearable.

Got our power back at 7:17 pm on Saturday the 20th thanks to the many crews helping.